HIPPIE, DIPPY MAILART CALL Deadline August 1, 2012 Send to: Arac 1414 Humes Avenue Huntsville, AL 35801 a plea to any and all for hippie or any music inspired art for my son's very 1st apartment, any size, any medium, any art. He is an awesome but broke ass college student who is very much looking forward to his first place in August. He's been crammed into the dorm this year and they are killing us with fees. After paying for classes, books and rent there will be little leftover to help fill his apartment and I really want to surprise him by hooking him up with a really cool environment to enjoy while studying at home. He was raised on the Dead, but also loves Marley, Sublime, Matisyahu and lots of others...please help me hook him up...he's a really nice kid who sooooo deserves this!!! :)))))) I promise to post all submissions and will send something back to all who respond. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope some of you will decide he's a worthy cause.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Said kid, 1st day of college...move in day at the dormitory

         After sharing this space with 3 different roommates this year( a no-show, a drop-out and the current) Jake is looking very forward to moving out of the dorms and into his very first place when school starts again this fall. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

HELP out a broke ass college student...pleeeaassee

Looking for some hippie, dippy, music inspired art for my son Jake's very first apartment any size any medium.  He is a college sophomore and will be moving out of his dorm and into a new place by August for fall classes.  The kid never asks for anything for Christmas but this year he asked for some cool hippie, music insipred art for his upcoming place.  Living in Huntsville, Alabama I didn't have much luck, ended up with only a Jerry mosaic and an interesting tapestry but not much else.  So this is my plea to you all...

HELP a broke-ass college kid cool up his new place with some original art...he would be eternally grateful, as would I. He was raised on The Dead and loves Bob Marley but appreciates all types of art and lots of different music. Took him to his first Further show last year and he was in love with the whole scene...danced his ass off all night long!

I promise to post all submissions here and will send something back with all the pieces after he moves in if you remember to provide me with your information.
Please mail anything and everything you wish to~~ Cara Harrison
                                                                                   1414 Humes Avenue
                                                                                   Huntsville, AL 35801